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Pier 45, Shed B, Unit 4

San Francisco, CA 94133

888 292 1640


161 Starfish Way

Crescent City, CA 95531

707 464 8122


1109 First Avenue, Suite 212

Seattle, WA 98101

206 628 9143




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Operations in San Francisco

Max Boland:


Operations in Crescent City

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Controller in San Francisco

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Lait Ung:

Our main distribution facility is on Pier 45 in Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco. Seafood has always been a part of San Francisco's rich history and is reflected in the attention our industry receives from the city and State. We also have a dock and plant in Crescent City California just south of the Oregon border. Crescent City has always been a very productive harbor for Dungeness, Black Cod and Whiting.


Our facilities allow us to unload boats from the Pacific Ocean; King Salmon, ground fish and crabs along the northern California Coast and southern Oregon Coast. Our docks in Crescent City and Pier 45 give us access to a very diverse mix of products. Our location in Fisherman’s Wharf provides easy access to a very large international airport for domestic and international express shipments.