About Us

Alber Seafoods began distributing seafood in 1995. Since its beginning, we have always set the standard for the freshest product within the San Francisco Market. Our innovative airfreight and truck delivery techniques have changed the way freshness is measured. Even our products that come from the East Coast arrive in our coolers within 24 hours after they are caught or harvested from the ocean.

We believe that the care we take in delivering you the best quality seafood, in the freshest possible manner, will mean better tasting and longer lasting product for your customers. Nothing sells better than obviously fresh product delivered with the kind of care that makes you feel like you caught it yourself.
Our facilities are HACCP and USDC certified and we pride ourselves on leading the industry with equipment and techniques that assure the quality of our products. Our main receiving facility is on Pier 45 in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco.
Alber Seafoods is one of the largest shellfish and locally caught ground fish distributors in San Francisco. We have developed partnerships with some of the best seafood farms and producers in the United States. We fish locally for Northern Californian product under our own label. We also have relationships with individual fishing boats from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska to Lobster Boats in the North Atlantic. We sell mussels from the East Coast and Puget Sound in Washington. We have Oysters from Kinsale Virginia, Bluepoint beds off Connecticut, throughout the Atlantic Coast, several varieties from Puget Sound in Washington and the Coast of Washington and Oregon. We catch wild Dungeness Crabs off California Coast, King Salmon off the Oregon and California Coast and Ground Fish off the California Coast. The fish packed under our own label are caught in the open water to our rigid standards and never stay on board the boat longer than 48 hours.
Our staff has more than 250 years worth of cumulative experience fishing, processing, and selling our products. We can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Cambodian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Spanish and of course English. We are proud to be part of the most diverse and richest seafood market in the world.